Leather Belt Bag

One compartment to fit your minimal essentials – a mobile, a small wallet, keys and cards.


Small Leather Backpack

Big enough to carry variety of small objects, including: iPad mini, Moleskin notebook.


Large Leather Backpack

Perfect for 15″ Macbook or A4 notebook.


Leather Collection

Well designed and made with particular care.

Our products are simple, durable and timeless.
We design for people who appreciate good craft and look for durability.
In the era of mass production, where the life span of a product is predetermined, we want NOSKA to keep your company for years, at the same time serving its purpose.
All products are handmade from Polish materials and by local craftsmen.

For Color Lovers



Light, natural, eco-friendly

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NOSKA Moon Halo

Moon Halo

Light, natural, eco-friendly

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NOSKA Herne's Oak

Herne's Oak

Light, natural, eco-friendly

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